Who Are Messianic Jews

Messianic Jews, (Jewish believers in Yeshua), have been around since the time of the Messiah. However it wasn’t until recently that Messianic Jews have become visible to the world. We live in two worlds, affirming our ongoing relationship with the greater Jewish community and our relationship with the larger body of the Messiah. Congregation Beth Yeshua strives to work for healthy relationships in communities.

As a Messianic congregation which focuses on nurturing relationships and walking with our Messiah we advocate and emphasize dialogue, and conversation in which the Jewish community may become familiar with our beliefs and come to understand the teaching of Yeshua. We also seek to listen and learn from others in the community and feel we both have much to learn from one another.

Beth Yeshua will function as a bridge as it relates to the larger Messianic, Jewish, and Christian communities. Beth Yeshua started with the notion that God is doing something special among those who came out of the former Soviet Union. Because of this, we allow God to speak to us and through us, so he may use us to communicate his message of salvation to all people, both Jew and Gentile. These relationships help the congregation show God’s love to our people, Israel, as well as to educate the church and society on Jewish causes, such as anti-Semitism, Israel, and Jewish roots of their Christian faith.

God’s Messianic promise to Israel was fulfilled with the coming of Yeshua. As a result, Beth Yeshua is a living body of the union of Messiah and Israel and a light to the nations. As a result of the Messiah coming for both Jew and Gentile, the Messianic community (and to a large degree) Beth Yeshua reflects this in the make-up of its body as both Jew, Gentile and Inter-faith couples are welcomed to participate in a Messianic congregation.