Bar & Bat Mitzvah Training

“And when He became twelve, they went up {there} according to the custom of the Feast.” Luke 2:42

Who could have imagined the Messiah himself would have a Bar Mitzvah?

It is every Jewish boy or girl’s dream to have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Here at Beth Yeshua we follow the traditions of our for-fathers who have been holding Bar Mitzvahs for their kids even before the time of Yeshua. Because of this, the congregation is committed to Bar Mitzvah training so your child can help lead the Shabbat service on their 13th birthday. We will help teach your child the Blessings for reading the Torah, for reading the Half Torah, and chanting the appropriate Torah and Half Torah passages that correspond to their birthday.

If you are a Jewish family who don’t go to our congregation but still desire to have your child Bar or Bat Mitzvah, contact us. We will be happy to help make this possible.